Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a great compliment to wearing glasses for sports, certain occasions, work or even if you just want to change the colour of your eyes. We carry a wide variety of contact lenses for different needs. Dr. Bassi will help you decide which type of material and brand that will best suit your eyes as well as what type of contact lens solution. It is important to note that Dr. Bassi orders the contact lenses directly for the suppliers to ensure you are getting the authentic product. Some types of lenses available are disposable, toric (for astigmatism), bifocal (to help with reading without glasses), rigid, coloured and prosthetic.

Here are some links to our suppliers:

Taking care of your contact lenses is important to maintain good eye health.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts:

Some DO’s…

1. DO cut fingernails.

2. DO clean case.

3. DO clean lenses every day.

4. DO put make up on after inserting your lenses.

5. DO replace lenses as recommend for increased comfort and prevention of infections and other complications.

6. DO wash your hands before handling contact lenses.

7. DO be consistent on which lens you insert first.

Some Don'ts…

1. DO NOT top up solution.

2. DO NOT use tap water or saliva on lenses or can lead to an infection.

3. DO NOT use homemade saline on lenses or in your eyes.

4. DO NOT use solution in your eyes i.e. rewet the lenses with eye lubricants for contact lens use only or artificial tears approved for contact lenses.

5. DO NOT shower in your lenses.

6. DO NOT wear lenses while swimming or put lenses back in eyes for two hours if eyes open/no goggles.

7. DO NOT use hairspray with eyes open - can cause severe irritations or can permanently damage lenses.

8. DO NOT sleep in contact lenses.

9. DO NOT mix solutions, be consistent on the brand you use for each pair to reduce any hypersensitivities.

*Please wear your contact lenses at least 2 hours prior to your appointment for either contact lens check or annual eye exam so Dr. Bassi can properly assess and update the contact lenses.