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Solar Eclipse


Information to help protect your eyes during a solar eclipse

Viewing the solar eclipse safely is important to help prevent permanent damage to the eyes, especially the retina.  Dr. Ralph Chou, the world's leading expert on eclipse eye safety, Optometrist and Associate Professor at the School of Optometry in Waterloo, Ontario, provides some safety tips in the video. 

The Ontario Association of Optometrists and The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada also provides some information and links to suppliers of solar eclipse glasses.  Please be cautious and source from only reputable retailers. Ensure they are able to provide safety certificates, ISO 12312-2.

Protect Your Vision: Safeguarding Your Eyes During the Solar Eclipse - Ontario Association of Optometrists

Solar Eclipse April 8, 2024 | RASC Toronto

The solar eclipse can also be viewed live online.

Where to Watch the Total Solar Eclipse Online - Sky & Telescope - Sky & Telescope (


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